IDS Test Suite

Below please find the instructions for running the IDS test suite, the purpose of which is to verify that the IDS platform tools are usable on your school district networks.

To start, you need a Windows or Mac connected to your Internet Service Provider, e.g. school district network. The following steps take 15 min to finish. Once finished, please email the results back to

Step 1 Install the latest browser, Chrome (Recommended) or Firefox



Step 2 Install UI.Vision RPA extension for Chrome or Firefox

Chrome: Install from, then visit chrome://extensions/?id=gcbalfbdmfieckjlnblleoemohcganoc to turn on “Allow access to file URLs”

Firefox: Install from

Step 3 Click on the UI.Vision RPA extension icon to start UI.Vision RPA extension

Tips: the icon is on the top right, inside the extension menu

Step 4 Visit the following URL to execute script.

Tips: Do not touch keyboard or mouse during automated execution. When you come back to this page ‘IDS Test Suite’, the execution is finished.

Result files are generated at default Downloads folder on your Windows or Mac with these following names. Firefox: you may be asked to save those files manually.

*.png.part (if Firefox, if any)

Step 5 Please email result files back to

Tips: Please pack result files into a .zip.